Midterm : Google

23 Oct

well well we’re not going to talk about the lady up there, we’re going to talk about the company written on her shirt.

Google is definitely the most innovative company in the world, without Google, we cannot search any information we need.

Google its a free search engine made by two person, Sergey M. Brin as the president of technology and Lawrence E. Page as the president of product.


The company is based on technology. So all things related to Google, along with technological innovation that previously no one had the same perfection with Google, and until now no one has to compete with perfection: including Yahoo and Microsoft Bing.

From the words Google, search engine certainly highlights as the most advance technological innovations from this company.

“Before you even enter your query in the search box, Google is continuously traversing the web in real time with software programs called crawlers, or “Googlebots”. A crawler visits a page, copies the content and follows the links from that page to the pages linked to it, repeating this process over and over until it has crawled billions of pages on the web.

Next Google processes these pages and creates an index, much like the index in the back of a book. If you think of the web as a massive book, then Google‘s index is a list of all the words on those pages and where they‘re located, as well as information about the links from those pages, and so on. The index is parceled into manageable sections and stored across a large network of computers around the world.”

– Google

Therefore, before we type the keyword you want to search, GOOGLE has transmitted a form of global system that creates an index like in the book. The key words which we type will be compared with the rest of the index that has been obtained by GOOGLE. The technology that brought GOOGLE makes search results appear in a fraction of seconds. Instant search is based on the technology each day enhanced to better satisfy its users, such as:

  • JavaScript Optimization.
  • Better Caching
  • User-State Data
  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), instead of XML

The engineers at GOOGLE is very good at setting up a system of this technology. But make no mistake, the person behind the formulation and development of the ideas was the BEST!


Google make things more effective, efficient but still have high benefits. This occurs because Google produce a perfect process innovation (and continue to be refined).

  • Speed. Speed ​​is the biggest innovation of Google. Searching process in the search engines have an average response of 1/4 seconds. GOOGLE understand that its users  prioritize speed. Therefore Google will not add new features that would weaken its speed. GOOGLE even add new features that make the process even faster searching. Smart coding a basic search speed. Real-time processing to make the definition of “transparent world” more clearly.
  • Freshness. Continuing the discussion of real-time search, Google continue to update the resources we will be searching purposes. If the first Googlebots update within 3-4 months, now Google update continues in seconds. Google wants us to get the news, blogs, and the latest status updates as soon as possible after they are updating it.
  • Comprehensiveness. Because GOOGLE has millions and millions of  index, it can be said that the innovation process of generating relevance and comprehensiveness from GOOGLE is very high. Not only the web, but also images, videos, news, books, folders, and many other things


You don’t know Google if you only knew GoogleSearch. Products offered by Google are so much more than that. Google GMAIL is webmail service provider, with the speed and the least spam. There are also Google CHROME browser that has speed, stability and security. There is also a an Android operating system for mobile phone subsidiary from Google. Google-Earth is a virtual electronic globe simulator program while GoogleMap is in a form of virtual road map. GoogleDocs is a document sharing platform that can be accessed by all members. In the case of instant messaging, GoogleTalk who raised the issue of communication and messenger system. GoogleAnalytic inform how visitors find and interact within a site. GoogleFinance can be a source  for real-time financial news, stock charts, currency conversion and others.

Dozens more of the products offered on our GOOGLE. All have specific benefits.


Google business model is different from any other company, they’re income is come from the PPC, Pay Per Click.

Pay per click (PPC) is an Internet advertising model used on websites, where advertisers pay their host only when the ad is clicked. With search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market. Content sites commonly charge a fixed price per click rather than use a bidding system.

Cost per click (CPC) is the sum paid by an advertiser to search engines and other Internet publishers for a single click on their advertisement, which directs one visitor to the advertiser’s website.


Google is the most innovative company, they do have some competitors but google is way better than they’re competitors at this time. Google becoming the most place that people want to go to work, because of the condition and situation of work in Google company which is very relax. With the recent situation, google should be the most innovative company at least for now and few years ahead.



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